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Lift&Slide (Puzzle) Parking System

Lift and Slide Parking system can have up to 7 floors or tiers according to customers requirements




  1. This model can be designed in three floors and components are steel structures. It is suitable for being used in underneath parking lots and for being built outdoors with a canopy, the appearance of which can be decorated to add to its’ beauty.
  2. The steel plate of the top layer lifts, which can fall to the ground floor when there's access to cars; the middle steel plate lifts and moves transversely; the ground steel plate only transverses. There must be an empty space in every lower layers, in order to down the upper steel plate.
  3. The steel plates of upper layers are suspended by four wire ropes which make the steel plate fall to the ground floor when there's access to cars.
  4. Driven by wire rope, provides safety
  5. Multiple security detection devices are configured in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation.
  6. Anti-fall device
  7. Alarm device for preventing people or vehicle from mistakenly entering
  8. Alarm device for prevention of exceeding height and length of vehicles
  9. Low-voltage, lack-phase, over-current and overload protection device
  10. Power-off self-locking protection device
  11. Emergency stop button device.






Vehicle size (mm)



6200 mm


9000 mm

Maximum access

115 sec

Driving mode


Motor voltage