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Traveling stack parking system

Traveling stacker parking system is an advanced fully automated parking system which is installed underground in residential or commercial areas. It can accomodate large number of vehicles from 100-1000 units.





  1. It is controlled with PLC , accompanied with touch screen . Process of parking has never been easier.
  2. This kind of parking suits residential areas and office buildings , installed underground
  3. Driven with a number of motors which move the Lift and the Traveling stack
  4. Multiple security detection devices are configured in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation.
  5. Parking cabin with an automated entrance gate is constructed on the ground
  6. Alarm device for prevention of exceeding height and length of vehicles
  7. Malfunctions are detected automatically.



Control mode

PLC ,automated

Load capacity


Vehicle size (mm)


Traveling stack speed

60 m/min

Motor power vertical/horizontal

15 kW/ 5.5 kW

Shuttle speed

60 m/min

Shuttle power

2× 2.2 kW

Parking cycle time

16-30 sec

Retrieving cycle

16-30 sec

Driving mode


Motor voltage