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RP7008 Tower parking system

Tower parking system is a modern type becuase of it's effectiveness in saving space. It can accomodate 17 levels with 2 car spaces on each and occupy only 3 car spaces of usual conventional parking area.




  1. It is controlled with PLC , accompanied with touch screen . Process of parking has never been easier.
  2. This kind of parking suits residential areas, it is good looking as much as apartment or office buildings
  3. Driven with a number of motors and a system of steel cables.
  4. Multiple security detection devices are configured in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation.
  5. Anti-fall device
  6. Alarm device for preventing people or vehicle from entering when the machinery is running.
  7. Alarm device for prevention of exceeding height and length of vehicles
  8. Low-voltage, lack-phase, over-current and overload protection device
  9. Power-off self-locking protection device
  10. Emergency stop button device.



Control mode

PLC ,automated

Load capacity


Vehicle size (mm)


Lifting speed

90 m/min

Motor power

30 kW

Shuttle speed

60 m/min

Shuttle power

2× 2.2 kW

Robotic trolley speed


Robotic trolley power

2×0.75 kW

Driving mode


Motor voltage